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 Video Marketing

Video Marketing has already proved to be the best marketing method for 2018 and it has been expected that by 2020, videos will grab 80% of the total internet traffic.

Most of the marketing people are crushing on video marketing and getting outstanding results. But it is not only video marketing alone that is responsible for the upshot but the creative mind and ideas along with video marketing are the main cause.

To explore the minds behind successful video marketing campaigns, Entrepreneur Media interviewed three Digital Marketing Professionals for the best industry-related tips.

The first person we spoke to was Rahul Singh, the founder and CEO and founder of The Publicity Dude, a leading Media and PR company that helps entrepreneurs and startups to get more media exposure.

Singh believes that today’s market is filled with people who are hungry for everything new and rich and so videos as a promotional strategy can turn out to be a superlative tool. “If you are still running in the race with posters and twitter updates, you are not really feeding your audience,” he said.

Bonding should be the Priority

When you create something that people could relate themselves to, they start to develop an emotional bond with you. This bond doesn’t only allow them to trust you but also helps in increasing likes, shares and hence sales. “Make something that strikes the audience right on their chords. Relatable Content wins the race,” he said.

First Impression Still Works

People still wish to watch what creates a sense of curiosity. Your titles and descriptions are the first impressions that someone would ever notice. You need to be specific about what idea are you inserting in your viewer’s mind through your titles and description. “Descriptions and titles are something that sticks. Your viewer would always be interested in knowing what they are going to invest their time on, ” he said.

The second professional that Entrepreneur India consulted was Narendra Singh Rathore, the founder of Digitalize Smartly and Content & Editing Solution Pvt. Ltd.

According to Rathore, just creating and uploading great videos won’t work unless you take care of the technical aspects also for ranking higher on search engines.

Deciding the Objective First

Your objective can be anything like getting more people to your landing page or boosting your personal brand or increasing your sales, whatever it is you need to be specific about the Call to Action. “You need to add the call to action in the first 20 seconds of your video and in the last 20 seconds of your video to double your click-through-rate,” he said.

Attaching Video Marketing with Content Marketing

Now that Video Marketing is already it’s peak, more and more people are indulging themselves in the industry and so the competition is increasing like never before. To participate and win the race, you need to be more creative than the people around you. “Write mini-blog posts for your videos, these kinds of descriptions will help your audience understand better about your video,” he says.

he third and the last expert that we talked to was Jagrit Gupta, Gupta is a serial entrepreneur and has co-founded several startups like Eyebridge Soft Solutions, 78mm Adventures and Subha e-Learning Inc.

According to Gupta, videos have always been a very popular medium. From traditional TV ads of 90’s to today’s YouTube, Facebook, Snapchat and Vimeo, the video has become a staple of everyday lives. “Even one successful viral video can give your startup a big boost,” says Gupta.

Make your Video Mobile Optimized

After the Jio revolution, India has already become the second highest consumer of the Internet today and so people have turned their faces towards videos more than simple text-based information. “You must know that about 75%  of videos in India are watched on mobile devices. Also, 85% videos are watched without sound on Facebook. So, make impactful videos with cations,” he said.

Keep your Videos Short and Simple

Short videos work the best for social media. People are more likely to watch videos within 2 minutes while surfing on their social media feeds. “Keep your videos under 2 minutes and share them in all formats, YouTube, Facebook, Vimeo, Instagram, etc,” he said.

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